Welcome to Hell Hole®!


2017 in Review

This year has been sort of a learning curve with regard to hosting parties at Catalyst. There have been some missteps, but we have learned from them. In the beginning, the majority of our missteps surrounded cleaning the space after the parties. Conversations were had with management to clarify expectations, and after that there have been no issues. And for the last 2 parties we have had a stellar slate of volunteers who have been on the cleanup crew for several parties and who now know their way around the venue and what is expected.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the folks who have volunteered for the parties this year, especially to all of you who signed up to volunteer for our last party of the year!

I have been very heartened by your efforts and support. I am looking forward to speaking with Catalyst management about scheduling parties for 2018. At this moment, I am planning to schedule no more than 3 parties for next year, and none of them on any of the busy weekends, including Up Your Alley and Folsom. There seem to be other fisting events available to folks on those weekends.

For our last party of the year we had 11 volunteers! You guys made set up and tear down a breeze! In addition to our volunteers, we had 40 paying guests. As such, we did not quite break even. This year at our first party in March we had 112 people in attendance; in May we had about 50; at our up yours party there were approximately 60; and, at our last party, just over 40 not including volunteers.

It costs about $1500 (including rent, insurance, supplies, and snacks) to host one Hell Hole party. That means we need 50 paying guests to break even. That means that in addition to supporting us by volunteering (which we could not do without), we also need you to support us by marking down the dates of the parties on your calendars, and actually attending them.

I welcome any comments or suggestions you might have. Please do not reply to this newsletter. SEND ME AN EMAIL.

Thank you for your support in 2017. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2018!

Looking for information about the Folsom Party, but can’t find it? IT’S BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ONE. (The venue’s dates were all taken.)

Men of all ages, body types and experience levels are welcome. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been fisting a couple of months or a couple of decades, you’ll find Hell Hole parties are a welcoming experience!

All parties are PRIVATE and by INVITATION ONLY.

It’s not a beauty contest, and we’re not being exclusive; just catering to serious players and not to those who just want to watch.

How Do I Get an Invitation?

To get an invitation to the Hell Hole® parties, just click the “Get Your Invitation” button and fill out the invitation request form. Invitations will be sent by email approximately 2 weeks before the party. You will be required to show a government-issued picture ID.

The name on your ID MUST match the name on the invitation request form.

You must be at least 18 years of age to attend. No alcohol allowed at the parties!

We want you to invite your friends, but please keep in mind the following:

  • If a buddy would like to receive an invitation, have him fill out the invitation form which is located below.
  • If it’s a last minute thing, you and your guest(s) should arrive at the same time. Guys who show up unaccompanied by a “member” at the door and are not on the list might not be admitted.
  • To avoid hassles at the door, you can print, fill out and bring our Short Form Invitation / Admission Form. Click HERE to download our 1 page, black & white pdf form.
  • If you submit your invitation request the week of the party you may not receive a party announcement, but you’ll be on the list, so come anyway, just bring the invitation form, above, if you can.


  • DO NOT bring alcohol to the party.
  • DO NOT bring non-prescription drugs to the party.
  • DO NOT arrive obviously under the influence.
1060 Folsom Street. San Francisco, CA 94103


Regular Admission $30.00

Students & Military with valid ID $10.00

  • 15+ play stations: benches, slings, dungeon beds, cages, gynecological exam chair, St. Andrew’s Crosses.
  • Refreshments are provided free of charge.
  • Please arrive clean and ready to play.
  • Shower & Touchup Facilities (There’s a hose, but no nozzle, so please bring your own). Bring a towel if you’ll use the shower facilities.
  • Clothes Check & Chill Area Separate from the Playspace.
  • Clothes check is provided by the SOMA Guardians. Clothes check is always free, but tips are appreciated and are donated to charity!
  • Cleaning supplies, disinfectants, paper towels, nitrile gloves, condoms and floor coverings are provided.
  • Lube, Elbow Grease is available for purchase at clothes check for $10.00.

Wanna get in FREE? VOLUNTEER to help out! We need:

  • Folks to help out at the door, greeting guests, taking money, getting folks signed in, and giving information about the party to new folks;
  • We need help setting up the party, which involves arriving at 6 p.m. to set up slings and get the space arranged;
  • We need help with tear down at the end of the party, which usually only takes around 45 minutes.
  • Volunteers GET IN FREE!

To volunteer, SIGN UP.

12 Responses to Welcome to Hell Hole®!

  1. Daniel Melvold says:

    I am already on the mailing list so I didn’t need to add myself to that. I am planning to attend the party on the 15th. I don’t know if you still need assistance for set up or take down, but would be happy to help. Just let me know via email.


    • larryshockey says:

      Dan, we can always use a hand or two! Go to your invitation email and click on “Email Todd” and he’ll get you assigned to your shift. See you on the 15th! Larry

  2. Marcus Pontius says:

    Larry I am interested in attending the party on the fifteenth please let me know how to respond

    • larryshockey says:

      Dan. Sorry for the delay in responding. I hope you made it to the party. You do not have to RSVP to invitations. If you are not receiving invitations, you can sign up for them by going to the “Get An Invitation” tab on the site. If you have already signed up, and are still not receiving them, check your spam folder and be sure to mark us as “safe.”

  3. Gary says:

    Signed up for your mailing and would like to come to tonight’s party 3/15. Will I get an email invite or am I already on the list?

    • larryshockey says:

      Sorry for the late response. I’m still getting used to responding to things on the site. If you look at the welcome page, it explains the process for getting an invitation, when they go out and what to do if you are submitting a last minute request. Hope you made it to the party! Larry

  4. Lee Brown says:

    I would like to be invited to the next event, I want to learn and participate in all activities. I crave the sensation of being fisted. This will be a great venue for be around experience people.

    • larryshockey says:

      Lee, Our next event is July 25, the Friday of Dore Alley Weekend. To be invited, go to the “Get An Invitation” tab on the website and fill out the form. Larry

  5. Marcus Pontius says:

    Larry I would like to attend the party on May 17th I was at the last party in March and did tear down , would like to do the same on the 17th if that works . Do I need an e-mail invite or am I on list already ?

    • larryshockey says:

      Unfortunately, we had to cancel the party on May 17. Many things that were supposed to come together didn’t. We’ve never had to cancel an event, so this is a first. We’ll be up and running again well before Fist Fest in June. I don’t recognize your email address, so I don’t know who you are or if you are on the email list. If you are getting the newsletters and announcements, you are on the list. If not, you can subscribe by going to the “Get An Invitation” tab. Larry

  6. Shawn Clark Williams says:

    I am relocating to the Bay Area in August. I would like to be on your email and invite list. If this is the way to do that…great! If not, I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.


    • larryshockey says:

      Shawn, this is the way to do it. Just click the “get an invitation button” fill out the info and submit. Larry

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