Q: Are there any pictures of the play space?
A: YES. Check out our PICS PAGE

Q: What kind of equipment do you have?
A: 15+ play stations: benches, slings, dungeon beds, cages, gynecological exam chair, St. Andrew’s Crosses.

Q: How big is the play space?
A: Over 2000 square feet of play space, plus the chill area and clothes check. There is a shower/wet space with 3 shower heads which doubles as a touchup and watersports area. In the rear of the space is a loft with a dungeon bed and slings.

Q: Is smoking permitted?
A: No. Sorry, but you gotta get dressed and go back out to the street if you need to light up.

Q: Are there cleanout facilities?
A: NO. Touchups only. Please arrive CLEAN and ready to play. There is a shower and a hose, but there is no nozzle. Please bring your own nozzle if you think you’ll need to use the facilities. You’ll also want to bring a towel.

Q: If I forget to bring lube, or run out, is any available onsite?
A: YES. Tubs of Elbow Grease (typically) are available for $10 each. Lube is available for purchase at Clothes Check.

Q: Do you sell poppers?
A: No.

Q: Is photography allowed?
A: Absolutely NOT. Cell phones must be checked.