House Rules

Following are some things to consider that will help you know what to expect and what is expected of you when you come to play and is especially handy if attending your first play party!

You are expected to clean-out before you arrive (unless specifically noted in the invitation).

Shower and touchup facilities are available. PLEASE NO CLEANOUTS! You are expected to clean up the restroom after you finish. BRING A TOWEL AND YOUR OWN NOZZLE.

Smoking is not permitted inside the party. All rooms other than the party room and restroom aer off limits. You will be expected to stay within designated areas.

IMG_4132_editedTHIS IS A SAFER SEX, DRUG FREE EVENT. Do not bring non-prescription drugs onto the premises. Anyone who arrives who is obviously under the influence of either drugs or alcohol will not be allowed inside the party. If you are observed with drugs or alcohol on your person, or are observed using at the party, you will be sent home.

Arrive and leave quietly as parts of the building are residences.

Leave all valuables at home or in your car out of view. Hosts are not responsible for loss of property.

Clothes check is currently provided by the SOMA Guardians. All tips from clothes check are donated to charity. Please be generous!

DUNGEON ETIQUETTE is to be followed at all times. Please keep your voices down in the playspace!

Nitrile gloves are provided. Never use the same gloves on two people. Do not put on gloves until after the bottom is in position. After each session, be sure to wash your hands and arms thoroughly.

IMG_2493Hell Hole® provides Play Spray® disinfectant spray for disinfecting the equipment. A spray bottle is located at each station and is clearly marked. PLEASE spray the equipment, including slings, chains and stands before and after each use. Even though this is a really good disinfectant, it will not harm your skin. To learn more and to purchase your own supply, click on the picture at left.

Use only your own individual container of lube when bottoming. Preferably, put fresh lube in a disposable plastic dish for each session and then toss what’s left.

No one likes a Sling Lizard! Don’t hop into a sling until you have a partner. Play area and slings are there to be used by everyone. (Note: Humming birds are cool.)

Do not attempt to join another person’s play session unless you’re invited.

IMG_4507_editedLoud screams/shouting may be disruptive to others and may be considered rude. If someone asks you to “keep it down” please do your best.

Both top and bottom are responsible for cleaning their play area (including the sling, chains, stirrups, pillows and floor) when they are finished with their session. Cleaning supplies and paper towels are provided and readily accessible.

We really appreciate it when you can either come early to help set up or stay late to help tear down. When everyone helps out, we all have a better time. Remember, your hosts are not “in the business.” They are fisters, just like you, who enjoy playing with all kinds of men and who are committed to bringing a thriving public fisting scene back to San Francisco!

2 Responses to House Rules

  1. Dempsey says:

    Hello, I would like to know if any kind of poppers, leather cleaner, or nail polish is ok ?

    • larryshockey says:

      Aromas are permitted, but need to be negotiated with your play partner. We do not have them available for purchase.

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