Play Spray®

IMG_2844_rotate_and_cropYou’ll find a bottle of Play Spray® next to every sling. Use it to spray the slings and chains before and after every time you play. If you’d like to have some of your very own, clicking the image at right will take you to our store.

I have always believed in the importance of maintaining a clean playspace, but effective, safe, people friendly disinfectants that economically and quickly kill HIV, hepatitis, and MRSA are hard to find. In my search for such a disinfectant, I came across this solution. The problem was that it must be bought in bulk–much more than most people could use over the course of several years. It was fine for me, because I was hosting monthly socials called Hell Hole, and we went through the stuff pretty quickly.

I have been using the solution that has become Play Spray™ since 2008 without incident. It has come into contact with thousands of people, been used on slings, crosses, benches, floggers, single tails, dildos, sounds, restraints and more and has never resulted in any irritations or had any adverse reactions with people. I have safely mixed the concentrate myself, as have others, numerous times without any adverse effects. I know this works.

PlaySpray_Logo_for_webPlay Spray® is a topical spray disinfectant. It is the first of its kind to be designed for and marketed to folks in the BDSM, kink and leather communities, as well as those whose sexual activities are more likely to expose them to the bodily fluids of their partners, specifically blood, mucus, semen, and other internal bodily fluids which carry MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted infections.

Unlike other cleaners out there, Play Spray® contains absolutely no bleach or alcohol making it safe to use on leather, latex, rubber, silicone. As such, Play Spray™ is an excellent disinfectant which may be used, for example, on floggers, single tails, sounds, and leather gear, as well as to disinfect quickly and easily, within minutes, surfaces such as slings, crosses, benches, bondage tables, wrestling mats and any other surfaces which may come into contact with skin or bodily fluids.